DANIEL places a conscious lifestyle at the centre of its creative approach. Each piece is imagined to fit into a ritual of its user and incite taking your time to appreciate the moment.

To compose a harmonious interior, our products all share the same aesthetics; abstract shapes, well balanced lines and organic influences.

Within this label, named after an artisan, we bring together designers and manufacturers who share this philosophy to offer meaningful pieces for a hedonistic audience.

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The artisan

Daniel is the name of a craftsman cabinet-maker, the father of the brand's founder. He settled his company in the late 70's, which thrived for over 40 years, serving a high-demanding clientele from the Lyon region. The company, named Meubles Daniel Delorme, specialized in custom made furniture and interior renovation projects.

He has always made a point of honour to offer genuine products, by choosing sustainable materials and favouring quality assembly and finishing.

A heritage that the DANIEL brand claims. Our quest is to offer quality products that can live through generations.

Designer objects for everyday ceremony,
to sublimate your moments of sharing.

What we love

In today’s digital age and with overconsumption being encouraged, DANIEL wants to offer “low tech” products that last a lifetime. Our collection, in response to trends such as fast fashion, is inspired by the return of the so-called “slow life”, which, like meditation, allows us to listen to our senses.

To offer products that can be handed down from one generation to the next, we strive to use as few materials as possible. Each piece is designed to facilitate the change of the parts that they are composed by, to encourage repair and thus extend their product life.

We use sustainable and non-polluting materials such as wood, metal, porcelain.

Our values

Sincerity, doing justice by noble materials and genuine designs.

Harmony is what we look for in our interior, as well as the world around us.

Pleasure, for a hedonistic approach in life.

An object becomes larger and more complex the more effort and time we invest in reducing it. 
In the process we approach the core of its essence.

Andrej Kupetz, Sublime, new design and architecture from Japan.

The team

Etienne Delorme | Founder & Creative Director
Growing up with an artisan as a father, Etienne Delorme developed an interest for beautiful products and meticulous design at an early age. But beyond form, it’s especially the work of the material that moves him.

Later on, he naturally found his first internship at Roche Bobois, before working for bootmaker Berluti and timepieces Bell&Ross. After an episode in a startup as Head of Product, the desire of starting his own business becomes too strong.

So he decides to start a new chapter to the story told by his elders, between tradition and modernity.
Karolien Knevels | Head of Operations
Karolien Knevels is a French-Belgian who has a strong appreciation for minimalist interior designs, rooted in her Flemish origins, and a love for exceptional customer service. 

She takes care of the operations at DANIEL, making sure everything goes smoothly, from product information communication to delivery. 


Commercial agent | Distribution network development
DANIEL is finally ready for take off. We have been working hard on the development of the products, we're now looking for someone to help us get the collection out there.

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