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Formes bowl and tray

Designed by Patrick de Glo de Besses

Shipping: 2 days to 4 weeks (depending on size)
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Made from solid ash turned and tinted, the pieces of this series can be used on both sides, to store valuable objects for example. They are meant to be integrated into a ritual, in harmony with the gestures of its owner. The ensemble can also be set out to create compositions and punctuate the staging of a console or table.


Public retail price:

M: 145 €
L: 240 €
XL: 350 €

M : 175 €
L : 310 €
XL : 490 €



Solid ash


Blue stained ash
Ebonized ash
Natural ash

Dimensions and weight:

M: Ø 25 cm (380 g)
L: Ø 32 cm (925 g)
XL: 41 cm (1.760 g)

M: h 8 x Ø 13 cm (290 g)
L: h 14 X Ø 23 cm
(1.660 g)
XL: h 18 x Ø 30 cm
(4.200 g)

Other information:

Handmade in France.

Can be used as a bowl or upside down as a pedestal.
Can be in contact with dry food such as nuts, cookies, coffee beans etc.