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Bozarthfornell is an office for architecture and design, founded 2010 by Andreas Bozarth Fornell. The office has a diverse portfolio and works within all different fields of architecture but the main focus so far is within the world of fashion retail.

"We strongly believe that architecture and design is an art form. It gives strength and confidence to the individual as well as business corporations. This synthesis of concept, beauty and function completely absorbs our attention in every project.
Our architectural vision derives its expression from the art world. It’s inspired by our travels and influenced by the pop-culture that surrounds us daily. It is intimately connected to both context and function

The inspiration for the Anchor paperweight

"Bozarthfornell and DANIEL have the same design approach, focussing on quality materials and offering a design that is both personal and contemporary.
The idea behind the design was to create an object that adds a sculptural touch to the desk and, as it is made of a precision milled piece of aluminum, is able to keep documents in place with its own mass.
The accurate lines of the design meet Daniel’s philosophy together with the their vision of offering a contemporary and genuine piece.