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Ferréol Babin

Ferréol Babin was born in March 1987 in Dijon, France.
After first graduating in Space Design in ENSA of Dijon, he moved to Japan, to the Nagoya University of Art & Design. By this time, he realised that architecture and space were not the right scale for him to fully express himself, and decided to focus on objects.

Ferréol Babin dedicates half of his time collaborating with various furniture and lighting editors where he can incorporate his singular vision and approach of design. The other half is spent on making unique pieces, with an obvious brutalist yet delicate approach.
Dirty-hands, mix of mediums such as painting, sculpture, design and handcraft play their role in each of his creation. His projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationality, combined with
a poetic and emotional dimension.

The inspiration for the lamp Plateau

"What I like in my work is the harmony that can be created between forms that are purely industrial: geometric and controlled, and more organic shapes that represent nature’s language (branches, roots, stone etc.). It’s these confrontations that are highlighted in my work. 
This is why I imagined the straight tube for this lamp, that’s stable and heavy. Suddenly, it becomes evanescent, transforming into something thin and light. The use of the wood brings a soul, a real presence to the product.
Finally, the fact that the light appears in a mysterious way adds to the lightness and poetry of the piece. "